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Everyone deserves a safe learning enviroment

Supporting teachers, coaches and instructors to create safe environments for the ADHD community.  We know you want to help but haven’t had the resources. Lets fix that problem by educating and supporting those who teach our young ADHD brains. Safe Learning Environment = Better Mental Health.

What is the ADHD Safe zone?

The ADHD Safe Zone is an online certification course to teach anyone who works with children how to create an ADHD Safe environment for those students who may be struggling. This course was created by Laura, The ADHD Mama, after seeing the frustration many educators, childcare workers, coaches, and camp counselors experience due to a lack of proper resources and training surrounding ADHD.  Laura, will provide you and your staff with strategies for communicating and motivating ADHD children that are proven to make them feel heard and supported.

Support the ADHD Safe Zone

Be a part of the global movement to create ADHD Safe Zones in all educational and learning environments. You are helping to change the world and how people view and treat those who have ADHD. 

Safe Learning Environment = Better Mental Health.

Want to get certified?

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Anyone over the age of 16. The ADHD Safe Zone certification was created for teachers, educators, instructors, coaches or anyone who works with the public in an educational capacity. If you want to support someone who has ADHD this certification is for you.  

The ADHD Safe Zone will be available in late summer 2021. Sign up for our email list to be notified when the certification is available. 

The ADHD Safe Zone is an online certification. 

Yes. The ADHD Safe Zone is available to any countries as long as the participant understands English. We plan on having this available in other languages in the future. 

Adults who have ADHD all agree, the world needs more education on the topic of ADHD. We as a community want to help change things for the next generation. This is achievable by educating those who teach ADHD children. As an ADHD adult we look back on our lives with sadness and frustration for how we were treated by those who were teaching, coaching guiding us. Lets change the world and how they view and treat people who have ADHD.